Element state before and after css animation

CSS animation-fill-mode property specifies the order of defined in your @keyframes styles to the object.

We can use animation-fill-mode css property to specify @keyframes styles. Is not inherited.

Possible values:
none — The default value is. The state element is not changed before or after the animation.
forwards — Plays the animation to the last frame at the end of the last repeat, and not unrolling it to its original state.
backwards — Returns the state of the element after the page loads to the first frame, even if there is a delay animation-delay, and leaves it there until the animation begins.
both — Allows you to leave the item in the first keyframe to the beginning of the animation (ignoring the positive value of the delay) and delay at the last frame before the end of the last animation.
inherit — Inherits this property from its parent element.

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